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Whether your are staying at Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Mission Beach or the Atherton Tablelands you will appreciate beautiful wedding photography. And your Cairns wedding photographer will be your wedding photographer of choice and guarantee you the best Port Douglas wedding photography available. Port Douglas is located north of Palm Cove and on par with Mission Beach as one of the best wedding photography locations for wedding photographers.

With many years of experience your Cairns wedding photographer has a long association with wedding photography in Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mission Beach and the Atherton Tablelands

Port Douglas wedding photo

Port Douglas  Wedding Photography

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A wedding should be the most beautiful day in the life of a bridal couple. At least that's what the vernacular says. However, this is much more difficult than expected at the beginning.

Even the actually simple search for a wedding photographer in Port Douglas requires a lot of time. You first have to be clear about what you expect from a wedding photographer. In which moments/locations should the wedding photographer be present? How long should the wedding photographer be on site? What should one be allowed to expect as a payment. Which services are included and which work of the wedding photographer has to be paid additionally? First and foremost, the most important thing is to find the photographer who is understanding and to be able to talk and negotiate with him about all wishes and suggestions. One should openly address all expectations and not leave the important details unspoken. After all, the relationship between the photographer and the bridal couple is a contractual relationship that includes a client (the bridal couple) and a contractor. From the multitude of providers in this field, one must ultimately decide on a wedding photographer. And as often the gut feeling should be the decisive factor for the final selection.

What I can offer you as wedding photographer Port Douglas

From many years of experience as a wedding photographer I know that the decision for or against a photographer is not easy. In addition to the price, personal sympathy plays an important role. That's why I offer bridal couples a free consultation before the actual wedding. It is often decided whether one can imagine working together.  With the prices I offer to my customers different constellations, depending upon budget of the pair. Starting with a three-hour, five-hour or eight-hour escort up to the complete package, which includes the entire wedding day, everything is included. Even if your most beautiful day should last several days, I will make you a complete offer. When designing your day, I will of course leave you enough room for your own ideas and try to translate them into pictures. After the joint shooting on the day of your wedding, I will process your photos within a few weeks and make them available to you in digital form, as well as a selection of the most successful pictures on high-quality photo paper. You will receive the most beautiful moments of your wedding day captured and immortalised in professional pictures. From your most beautiful moments a personal wedding report develops.

The result of the choice of the wedding photographer Port Douglas

A good mood in general contributes to a harmonious and exuberant wedding celebration. Also the wedding guests should be allowed to contribute wishes and suggestions for the wedding photography. Because their tendency is also important for the success of a perfect wedding day. After fa few weeks pass and you are at the comfort of your home reviewing the pictures, you should not become conscious around your wedding celebrations. With the right choice of wedding photographer this should make you feel like the kings and queens that you were on your special day.


On this page we show you a selection of wedding locations where we have already photographed as Port Douglas wedding photographers. As all of our bridal couples are different, the weddings in Cairns, Port Douglas, Mareeba and Atherton, where we as wedding photographers try to accommodate different wishes, scenarios and environments while conducting wedding shoots. We use locations like Relaxed garden wedding, rustic barn wedding, unusual DIY wedding, urban Queensland wedding in a factory or loft, stylish vintage wedding, cosy country wedding, wedding on the water, stylish boho wedding, touching wedding in the church, personal free wedding, classic castle wedding, individual tent wedding in the forest, romantic winter wedding or maritime beach wedding we love all wedding ideas at the most different wedding locations. We hope you will find inspiration for your own wedding, your wedding location, your wedding photos, poses for your bridal couple photos and your wedding decorations in our wedding photographs and wedding reports

Trust Port Douglas wedding Photography

Port Douglas wedding photo

Photography Services

Engagement shoot

This is a personal meeting shoot for fiancées before the big wedding, which I usually combine with the preliminary talk and gladly also at a symbolic place for the couple quite individually. This can be for example the park or the cafe where you got to know each other.

Every person faces a stranger in a different way. There are no unphotogenic people, there is only a lack of trust, which makes the person insecure in front of the camera, robs them of their identity. Mutual trust is the basis for a positive charisma that expresses the true beauty of a person.

As a wedding photographer I take part in deeply emotional moments. If I am perceived as a foreign body, this can be seen as such in the photos. Be it the cramped hand, an unnatural smile, an unusual posture or the typical "control look" at the stranger with the big, black camera.

So that you can concentrate completely on the important things on the day of the wedding, a getting to know shoot offers is recommended during the detailed preliminary discussions. At such an engagement shooting you can get to know my photographic way of working in detail.

Unfortunately, on the actual wedding day, the time window for the couple photos is often very short. Many people need a certain time in front of the camera to get "warm". But if you have already stood in front of the same photographer, this is usually much easier. In addition, you will have individual couple photos before the actual wedding day, which will enhance the anticipation of the wedding even more.


Often the wedding day is much too short, the wedding couple is fully in the head with the wedding guests. An after-wedding session, i.e. a photo shoot after the actual wedding, is the ideal solution. I recommend my couples to always take more than an hour for couple photos, but sometimes this is simply not possible. Be it because of a very tight schedule, or because there is a special place where the bridal couple wants to be immortalized. This is then either too far away from the place of the wedding or sometimes it just doesn't offer access on that day.

Another factor is the light. Usually the time window for couple photos on the day of the wedding may not be right due to light not being optimal from a photographic point of view, especially in midsummer in the early afternoon. Best time for a peaceful shoot is during the sunrise or evening blue hour. This allows for pictures with much more atmosphere and authenticity that gets developed by a special light tendency.

So if you want to have very special couple photos, just contact me during the preliminary talk and we can realize our ideas together in pictures at an after-wedding shooting. Whether in the gazebo, on the sports field, on the roof of a high-rise at night, as a photographic companion on a spontaneous road trip or far away at the other end of the world.

There is nothing that is impossible.

That is our promise to you with Port Douglas wedding photography

Port Douglas wedding photo

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